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Grading to Correct Water Damage


9tCall Krukoff Excavation & Paving if you experience faulty water drainage around your home, puddling during rainstorms, or if water runoff has eroded portions of your property. If your existing driveway or walkways are cracked, uneven or crumbling, call our expert team for a free estimate. Most jobs are begun and completed in a matter of two or three days. Our pricing is competitive and affordable!

The Krukoff team will completely remove existing asphalt and pavement from the site. We will remove trees and stumps, grade your problem areas, rebuild the substrate underlying your pavement, sink drainage piping alongside the new pavement, and backfill the edges with topsoil. No job is complete until the finish work around your new pavement has been blended in with the surrounding landscaping. We rake, compact, seed, and mulch to complete the job.

Below are several examples of different jobs Krukoff Excavation & Paving has done for residential and commercial clients in the Northeastern Connecticut region.


Landscaping and Grading | Webster Camp, Ashford, CT

There’s always a lot of work to do at Webster Camp in Ashford. The camp is building a brand new storage facility and workshop, so for this project, we started with stumping and land clearing in order to accommodate all of the underground utilities.

Camp Webster

We built a 12” gravel base, installed the foundation, and the septic system, and created a loading dock. The entire area was leveled and backfilled, then we did the final grading and rolled everything.

Basketball Court | Roaring Brook Campground

Roaring brook campground‘s basketball court needed to be torn out and redone because of grading and drainage issues. This was a two day project.

Roaring Brook Campground

Grading | Matthew and Susan Woods, Ashford

Matthew and Susan Woods wrote a wonderful testimonial for us after this job. They were experiencing major drainage issues, they had water in their basement, puddles in their backyard, and a paved driveway that was collapsed and frost heaved. We were able to alleviate the water problem by installing a curtain drain at the foot of the hillside, and a stone drip line around the house. The existing asphalt was ripped up, the water damaged base was replaced with 12” of gravel, and we paved a beautiful, new driveway. Once we were sure the puddling problem had been eliminated, we prepared the backyard with topsoil. It was fine graded, seeded, and fertilized, then we protected the future lawn with blown mulch.

Krukoff Excavation and Paving  corrects faulty water drainage on your property