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Residential Drainage and Paving: Driveways

When you want the best in residential drainage and driveway paving, call Krukoff Paving of Ashford CT first. We have prepared photo galleries of actual job sites. We believe our expertise and professionalism exceeds that of our competition. Our photo galleries demonstrate our process, so our customers will know what to expect when we arrive at their home. Each job title links to its own gallery- just click on the titles.

Residential Drainage and Paving | Beacon Hill Estates

Grading and new driveway installation.


Residential Drainage and Paving | Bill Hammond, Andover, CT

Bill’s driveway had drainage issues where water was bleeding out of the hillside and softening the length of his driveway. Overgrown trees had diminished the width of his driveway, and he wanted some new parking areas installed. As a fix to the water issue, we dug a trench for a curtain drain alongside the driveway and designed a drainage system. After we cleared the trees along the driveway, removed some stumps in the backyard, and dug out for the new parking areas, we leveled it all. Several rocks and boulders had to be removed from the driveway base prevent damage from frost heaves. Then we installed a strong gravel base and paved. This was a 2 day project.


Residential Drainage and Driveway | Coventry Lake

This driveway had drainage problems as well as a grading issue. Cars transitioning from the street to the driveway would always “bottom out”, and water from the street was entering their driveway.They had boulders coming through the asphalt due to a poorly prepared base, and the driveway needed to be widened. The fix was to dig out the entire driveway, remove all of the boulders and the existing asphalt. We installed a new gravel base and filled in the low area coming off the driveway, creating a smooth transition. Additionally, we created a small burm that would stop the water from entering their new driveway. We finished the project by fine grading, rolling, and paving.


Brooklyn Neighbors | Brooklyn, CT

A neighborhood of four driveways that were 20 yrs old and were built on a bad base. It was completely too sandy under the existing asphalt and couldn’t support the weight of vehicles, which resulted in cupping. They all had drainage issues, as well, large puddles on their driveways, and water flowing into their garages. We installed a stonier gravel base, re-graded for proper water flow and smoothness, keeping the water out of their garages. All four driveways were prepped in one day and paved the next. They were able to drive on their new driveways that evening!


Sealant Damage | Browns Road

Not only was this driveway built on an improper base, it had been sealed extensively which caused additional damage. Notice the spider web-like cracks in the picture, these are caused by sealing. The base was particularly poor along the edges, leaving the area susceptible to boulders frost heaving. We ripped up the existing asphalt, removed the boulders, installed a new, stonier base, and paved. Once we backfilled the edges with topsoil, we raked, compacted, seeded, and mulched to complete the job.


Residential Drainage and Paving | Canterbury, CT

The driveway in this Mansfield property was built on a bad base and needed widening. Because water had not been draining, puddles formed where the walkway met the driveway.The walkway had been improperly installed by a different contractor. It was way too low – there was no forethought of driveway installation, so new grades were established and about 10 feet of the walkway was rebuilt. During work, clogged downspouts were discovered under the driveway. This could have led to heaving of the pipe under the driveway in the wintertime. We took measures to clear the clogs and prevent future problems. After we created the new, wider driveway, gravel was installed, and we paved. What a beautiful transformation!


Residential Paving | Mansfield Hollow, CT

This driveway in Mansfield Hollow was collapsing because it had been built on a sub-standard base. It needed to be widened, as well because the bank was too steep to manage near the telephone pole. The homeowner had some stumps to be popped and pulled throughout her yard. First we stripped the topsoil and saved it for future use, saving money, then we excavated the excess material and created a new slope, making the bank more manageable. Then we redistributed the top soil over the new area and widened the driveway, then hand raked it and seeded. We fine graded, compacted, rolled, and paved the driveway with a Class I commercial, stonier asphalt mix because of the slope.


Residential Paving | Willington, CT

This driveway in Willington opened up new possibilities for the client’s young son. The photos tell the story!


Residential Paving | Woodstock, CT

The impressive new driveway sets off the existing landscaping on the property.